Private School System in Hawaii Settles Sexual Abuse Lawsuit for $65 Million

A private school system in Hawaii settled a sexual abuse lawsuit for $65 million according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.  The reports noted that the settlement is part of an $80 million settlement based on a 2016 case filed against the school, St. Francis Medical Center and the estate of Dr. Robert Browne.

Victims filed the lawsuit due to sexual abuse dating back to the 50s.  One of the victims who was interviewed reported decades of anger, depression, alcohol addiction, drug abuse and suicide attempts.  It is important to note in a case like this one that decades of problems after abuse occurs is common and the best thing that a victim of sexual abuse can do is reach out to get help.

It is clear that the attorneys who represented the victims in this case took on a difficult matter.  The report noted that negotiations were ongoing for nearly a year and a half before the case settled.  Certainly they would have faced fights over the statute of limitations and liability of the school for the actions of an employee.

Need help with a sexual abuse case?

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Our office has represented crime victims throughout the United States in difficult litigation involving sexual abuse of minors.  One thing we have learned is that talking through what happened with a victim, whether we are able to help or not, can sometimes make a difference in getting help for someone.  We will take the time to explore the entire case and will give you our opinion as to whether  case could possibly move forward.