Review of Claims of Sexual Harassment Against Government Boards in San Diego County

A review of claims of sexual harassment made against cities, school districts, water boards and other local governments in San Diego County for January 2015 through 2018 showed few complaints of sexual harassment.  A story about the review by the San Diego Union Tribune is here.

The results of the study seem shockingly low based upon calls to our office for advice about sexual harassment issues in San Diego County.  The Union Tribune article also compared those results to people surveyed about life experiences and called the results “surprisingly low.”

Why would the claims be so significantly low?

In our experience many employees are scared to come forward with complaints of sexual harassment.  This is especially true when the harasser is a manager or person in power.  The fear of retaliation is a real concern that should be discussed thoroughly with an experienced lawyer.  Victims of sexual harassment should realize that any retaliation (meaning demotion or termination from a job) would be completely illegal and could lead to additional claims against the employer.

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