Consumer Lawsuits California

A product can be defective in both how it is designed as well as in how it was made or manufactured. If either defect is present and either defect caused harm, the injured person may be able to recover damages. Product liability cases can be expensive because it usually takes a scientific or manufacturing expert to test the product and evaluate whether the design was defective or the product itself contained some manufacturing flaw that made it dangerous. These types of expert consultants and witnesses are very expensive and the outcome of product liability cases often comes down to a “battle of the experts” in court. That’s why it’s a good idea to retain a lawyer and law firm experienced in these kinds of cases as these attorneys know who the best experts are and usually have ongoing relationships with them.

In addition to a manufacturing defect, there is yet another type of “design” defect known as defective labeling or a defective warning. If it can be proven that a product failed to contain the correct or appropriate warning label, such may also be construed as a “defect” that if injury resulted, can give rise to product liability lawsuit.

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