Fresno Jury Awards $7.97 Million in Wrongful Termination Case

Last week a Fresno County jury awarded a former employee $7.97 million in a wrongful termination case filed against Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.

According to a story in the Fresno Bee, the employee was terminated after being accused of stealing $626 in cash.  The company alleged that there was video evidence of the theft.  According to attorneys for the Plaintiff, when the employee asked to see the evidence, her bosses declined.  The attorneys allege that the company destroyed the video evidence.

From various articles that came out examining this verdict, the jury believed that the employee was actually being terminated as a result of filing a worker’s compensation claim for a job related injury.  This week the jury will decide how much in punitive damages to award.

The employee was represented by Fresno attorneys Warren Paboojian and Jason Bell.

The signal that verdicts like this one send to businesses who terminate employees for illegal reasons should be clear – California juries will stand up to protect employees who are wrongfully terminated.

San Diego CA Wrongful Termination Lawyer

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