Runner Killed by Drunk Driver – San Diego DUI Victim Lawyer

According to a story in the San Diego Union Tribune, a runner was killed by a drunk driver near Lakeside on Monday evening.  The driver reportedly lost control of his truck on North Woodside Road, swerved across traffic and struck the runner.  California Highway Patrol arrested the driver on suspicion of felony driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter.

San Diego DUI Victim Lawyer

Our office has represented the families of fatal DUI automobile and pedestrian accidents, as well as the victims of other crimes, for over 15 years.  Crime victim cases always leave a family questioning how and why an accident happened.  Even though the perpetrator of the crime might be getting prosecuted, the time it takes a case to move through the criminal system can frustrate families.

Many people do not know that a civil case for monetary damages can be filed when a crime happens.  We have helped the clients with fatal DUI accidents, sexual assaults, shootings, and child molestation to pursue cases against negligent parties in order to hold them responsible for their actions.

Our office not only assists the family of a fatal crime with filing a claim and pursuing a civil case, we also help them through the criminal process.  Our office will attend hearings with the victim’s family and can assist in preparing statements for sentencing hearings.

For more information about our crime victim help, or to speak to a San Diego DUI Victim Lawyer about your case today, call us at (805) 618-2924.  All consultations are completely confidential and there is no charge to speak to a crime victim or their family.