Harassment and Discrimination Based on Disability

Employees and job applicants with disabilities are protected from harassment and discrimination based on their disabilities by federal and state law. Title I and Title V of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibits discrimination in the workplace against qualified employees and job-seekers with disabilities in the private sector, in state and local governments. Under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Sections 501 and 505 prohibit discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities who work in the federal government. The U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission is in charge of enforcing these laws.

If you, a family member, or a friend has been subjected to harassment or discrimination in the workplace based on disability anywhere in California, you can seek legal recourse through a employment law attorney at Christina Humphrey Law, P.C. We offer a free, initial consultation with one of our attorneys in which you can discuss your situation and get legal guidance on what needs to be done to address the situation. Our firm fights for the rights of individuals with disabilities.

Employment decisions should not be based on stereotypes of or assumptions about the abilities or performance of individuals who happen to be disabled. As a qualified employee or job-seeker, you should not be subjected to this kind of harassment or prejudicial treatment. A qualified individual is someone who satisfies skill, experience, education, or other job-related requirements for the position held or sought and who can, with or without reasonable accommodation, perform the functions of that position.

It is important to consult with an employment lawyer about the specifics of your harassment or disability discrimination situation to get sound and specific legal advice from which you can make informed decisions. We look forward to serving you.