Failure to Pay Wages Due at Time of Termination

In California, according to the California Department of Industrial Relations, an employee who is discharged by his or her employer should be paid all of his or her wages, including accrued vacation time, immediately when terminated. If you have been terminated from your employment anywhere in California and your employer has failed to pay the wages owed you at the time of being terminated, you should consult with an employment law attorney at our firm to discuss the matter. Our firm is well-versed in state and federal law concerning employment and can advise you on your legal rights and undertake legal action to rectify the matter. We have helped countless clients in the California in resolving all types of employment, wage, overtime, and other disputes.

Under California employment and labor laws, whether you quit, are fired, or are laid off, you should be paid in a timely manner after being separated from your employment. If you quit your job, you should be paid within 72 hours. When being discharged or when you quit, you should be paid for all of the hours you worked as well as for accumulated paid time off. If an employer fails to pay you, he or she may be subject to a penalty. The only exception to this is if you are being temporarily laid off with a firm date as to when you will be returning to work. In that case, your employer may pay you on the next regularly scheduled pay day.

In the matter of not being paid termination wages due you, you can make a legal claim against your employer. An employment lawyer at the firm can provide the legal assistance you need to accomplish this. Our firm offers a free, initial consultation in which you can discuss your situation with an attorney.