San Francisco Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Sexual harassment is one of the worst problems an employee has to deal with in a workplace.  Once harassment starts, an employee is left feeling completely trapped as to what to do to stop it.  This is especially true when the person doing the harassing is a boss, manager or owner of the business.

Recently, numerous articles have come out about bay area tech companies and the “bro culture” that seems more at place in an episode of Mad Men than in a modern business being run in the San Francisco Bay area.  Unfortunately sexual harassment remains pervasive.  But that does not mean there is nothing that can be done to prevent it.

Stopping Sexual Harassment

The first step in stopping sexual harassment is to make a clear, documented request to the harasser and upper management that the harassment must stop.  We recommend using email so that there is a clear record of when the request was made.  In many cases the harasser will attempt to claim that they “did not know” that the other person was not open to the harassment or that the victim was actually participating.  A clear email with a request for the harassment to stop can assist in showing that the harassment was clearly not welcome.  Next, we recommend starting to document each time harassment happens including the date, time, place and what happened.  Just writing this down in a notebook or sending an email to yourself can be a big helper later when you are trying to remember everything that has occurred.  Finally, talk to a lawyer about your legal rights, especially if the harassment continues.

To learn more about how the law protects you from sexual harassment, visit our sexual harassment frequently asked questions page.

San Francisco, CA Sexual Harassment Lawyers

The employment lawyers at Christina Humphrey Law, P.C. have decades of experience dealing with substantial employment related cases.  Our attorneys have worked for years throughout the State of California and nationwide helping individuals deal with serious cases.  Any employee who is facing sexual harassment can reach out to us to get a free, confidential consultation to learn more about what to do to make the harassment stop and whether they could proceed with a legal claim against their employer.

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