Silicon Valley Sexual Harassment Lawyers

A substantial number of news articles have come out recently dealing with sexual harassment inside of Silicon Valley startups and tech companies.  There are literally hundreds of articles online about the “bro culture” problem at many tech companies.  Just a few examples show how pervasive the problems have become:

Everything from high profile resignations from business founders to venture capital firms closing due to the scandal of sexual harassment has absolutely rocked Silicon Valley in the past few months.  None of this is surprising to the victims of the harassment who work inside of the “bro culture” every day.

While many employees at Silicon Valley tech companies are stepping forward and attempting to focus on what has happened, there are literally hundreds of other employees who are worried about backlash from their employers if they make complaints or go public with the problems inside of tech firms.  Our attorneys are here to help anyone who has been the victim of sexual harassment.

Silicon Valley Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Our office is currently investigating sexual harassment cases against Silicon Valley startups, tech firms, venture capital companies and other businesses that have participated in the out of control culture that has become common.  Every consultation is kept strictly confidential and there is no charge to speak to someone about a potential sexual harassment case.  Our attorneys will take the time to walk through the entirety of your case to see whether we believe a case could be filed and we will answer any questions someone has about a case.  Our goal is to help the victims of sexual harassment to get the harassment to stop and to hold companies accountable who have allowed this culture to flourish for too long.

Our attorneys have a combined thirty years of experience helping employees with serious employment related problems, including sexual harassment.  Our office has represented hundreds of employees against large companies, small businesses and government entities that have allowed sexual harassment to flourish.  Our attorneys have recovered over $800 million dollars for their clients throughout their careers in fighting for the little guys.

To get more information online about your rights as the victim of sexual harassment, visit our California Sexual Harassment Frequently Asked Questions page.

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